We believe that good coaching when you start playing Table Tennis is essential in order to develop your game and to allow you to progress to your chosen level.

Table Tennis is a complex sport, particularly as you progress in the game – it has been likened to “Chess with a ball” due to the complexities of spin, speed and movement.

To reach the highest levels requires many hours of deliberate practice and coaching – a recent study into Olympians suggests it takes 10,000 hours of such to reach your peak !! Whilst most of us couldn’t put in these hours however much we may like to, a structured, consistent coaching programme is required to achieve a good level.

Under our Director of Coaching – Steve Rowe, we offer coaching regularly each week, with the option of arranging with one of our coaches, private one on one sessions.


All the coaching at Wigan TTC is delivered by coaches with a current and valid CRB certificate, who are covered by the TT England civil liability insurance and hold an TT England coaching licence.

Our current coaches are :- Steve Rowe UKCC2,  Paul Clark UKCC2, Tony Whitney UKCC1, Bob Edwards UKCC1 and Tim Holland UKCC1


Our Coaching sessions integrate as required, on-the-table training routines, multiball and robot exercises to improve table tennis skills in footwork, stroke technique, consistency, power and game play.

Our coaching schedule is outlined below and new players are always welcome – please contact our Club Chairman Paul Clark

Wednesday : 7.30 to 9.30 Practice and Coaching

Saturday : 10 to 12:30 Practice and Coaching