Honours 2012/13

Wigan Table Tennis League

Div 1 – Champions – Wigan Eagles

Div 3 – Champions – Wigan Dynamo, Runners Up – Wigan Allstars

Team Handicap Cup Competitions

Div 2 – Runners Up – Wigan Legends

Table Toppers

Div 3 – David Byron – Wigan Dynamo

Most games played in all divisions – Jimmy Delaney – Wigan Gordon – 310

Individual Competitions

Div 2 – Runner Up – Valdas Semiotas – Wigan Wanderers

Div 3 – Winner – Ross Byron – Wigan Dynamo, Runner Up – Hannah Burrows – Wigan Allstars

Juniors – Winner – Adam Scarisbrick – Wigan Reds, Runner Up – Paddy Holland – Wigan Legends

Over 40’s – Runner Up – Clive Strettle – Wigan Royals

Over 60’s – Runner Up – Roy Bradbury – Wigan Shakers

League Handicap – Winner – Rob Hutton – Wigan Wanderers

Hard Bat – Winner – Steve Rowe – Wigan Reds

Div 2 Doubles – Rob Hutton & Valdas Semiotas – Wigan Wanderers

Club Christmas Handicap

Winner – Rob Hutton, Runner Up – Ross Byron

Club Members Competing in ETTA Competitions

Hannah Burrows

Hannah as one of the most promising young players in the Country enters a number of ETTA competitions and does very well in them.

Stiga Blackpool Junior 2 star 28th October 2012. Cadet girls plate winner

Stiga Blackpool Junior 1 star 11th November 2012. Cadet girls runner up.

Stiga Blackpool Junior 1 star 27th January 2013. Junior girls winner.

Stiga Blackpool Junior 2 Star 17th February 2013. Cadet girls plate runner up.

Greater Manchester Schools regional winner in Oldham. Got knocked out just before quarters in the School Finals in Doncaster.

3rd place in regional group for Nationals. Finals to be played 1st June.

Caitlin Heyes

Caitlin has had to leave us to go to Abu Dhabi with her family. Before then she was performing brilliantly, getting into the top 10 girls in the country for U13.

Stiga Blackpool Junior 2 star 28th October 2012. U13 Girls Winner

Burton Uxbridge Junior 1 Star – September 2012 . U13 Girls runner up